Acumen Business has developed several components to create a complete Business Rules solution. The components can easily be customized to meet your specific needs.

Vocabulary Management

Create the Business Terms that are the building blocks of the rules. Restrict the domain by defining continuous or discrete value ranges ...More

Business Rule Editors

Create Rule Templates and Restrictive Rule Editors in easy to understand, English-like, business format. No semi-colons, quotes or other technical programming constructions are required ...More

Animation & Visualization

Use the Interactive Rule Map to browse your rule network. See how the Business Terms are related to the Business Rules, and vice versa ...More

Verification & Validation

The integrated Rule Verification will detect contractions and redundancies at the earliest stage. Rule Validation tools will test the business intent of the rules ...More

Rule Reporting

Create rule documentation that can easily be reviewed and shared within your company. Generate a full rule graph, table of content, and complete index of your rules into an Adobe PDF document ...More

Rule Repository

Store the rules in an external rule repository. Define different levels of access control. See when, what and by whom a rule has been modified. ...More



Decision Trees & Tables

Higher level, graphical rule representations like decision trees and decision tables have proven to be very popular among business users ...More

.NET Rules Engine

A lightweight inference engine with a very small memory footprint that goes beyond mere forward chaining ...More




Competitive Advantage

Externalizing Business Rules and using a Business Rules Engine to execute rule policies creates an environment where your business is highly competitive. Over time, your business might have developed a best practice that streamlines the process of policy changes. Our components can easy be customized to fulfill your specific needs; keeping your competitive advantage.

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