Acumen's Custom Software Practice provides specialized software development, software support and expert staffing services utilizing Microsoft .NET technologies. There are many times when the out of the box rule base solutions just don't fit well enough to adopt rule based technology. That's when custom development becomes the best alternative.

The very best solutions are created by professionals who thoroughly understand the technology and are experienced in resolving the business problem. Our focused, in-depth experience enables us to rapidly understand each engagement's objectives, highlight various design approaches, and identify the optimal strategy to achieve each goal.

Acumen Business offers product realization services for translating customers’ concepts into products through a range of value added services. Acumen Business will work with you from the product conceptualization phase to implementation and post-production support and management.

We leverage our product development experience to help you deliver world-class products. By using our thoroughly tested components, we can reduce the development time significantly. Our approach ensures a high quality yet low cost delivery.

Deployment & Integration

We go beyond the knowledge elicitation phase. Our consultants have successfully deployed business rules to different business rules engines and have assisted with many rule conversion projects. The list includes:

  • Microsoft Windows Workflow Foundation
  • Microsoft BizTalk 2004 & 2006
  • CA Aion
  • Corticon
  • Blaze
  • ILog


Competitive Advantage

Externalizing Business Rules and using a Business Rules Engine to execute rule policies creates an environment where your business is highly competitive. Over time, your business might have developed a best practice that streamlines the process of policy changes. Our components can easy be customized to fulfill your specific needs; keeping your competitive advantage.


of Acumen Business

Reduced time to market Our ability to ramp up and down quickly and leverage our re-usable components and frameworks ensure an accelerated development process.

Extensive experience We have applied rule based solutions in many different vertical markets. We know what works and know what does not. Using our experience ensures that the delivered solution will be successfully integrated in your current business process.

Joint development effort We deploy engineering teams that work in an integrated and collaborative manner, as an extension of your onsite team. This ensures that the final product is close to the vision the first time and every time.

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