Business Benefits of the Rule Manager

The Rule Manager provides powerful search and management tools that allow your business users to maintain control of core business rules. Managing these business rules increases the company's flexibility by allowing tactical changes to be rapidly reflected in the operation of your enterprise applications. New business rules can be added efficiently and existing business rules can be quickly uncovered from within your code and annotated for better control.


The Rule Manager allows your business to conform to government and industry standards. Tracing your business rules ensures the consistency of your operations when migrating to a new system, and demonstrates your compliance with laws, standards, and regulations.

IT Benefits of the Rule Manager

Once rule policies are modeled, verified and approved, they can follow several paths:


  • The most agile implementation is the usage of a rules engine (also known as an inference engine) that can execute the rules directly in a runtime environment. The target rules engine can be the Microsoft BizTalk rules engine, the rules engine that is part of Microsoft Windows Workflow Foundation, an in-house developed rules engine, or the Acumen Business lightweight rules engine.

    Technical integration with workflow engines, scalability and performance are not on the agenda of a Business Rule Author and are not addressed directly by the Rule Manager environment. We refer to general best architectural practice to address these topics. Our consultants can assist you in this area as needed.


  • It is feasible for the business rules to become part of your use case analysis document. The business rules section of a use case can be implemented by developers in the traditional software development process.


    The benefits of the Rule Manager's unique verification and validation algorithm are that in a very early stage we know that these rules are logically correct and indeed represent the intention of the business. This prevents costly iterations of the analysis phase when developers find inconsistencies or incompleteness among the business rules.


National Institute of

Standards and Technology

The longer an error remains undetected, the more expensive it becomes to correct. Over half of all errors are not found until ‘downstream’ the development process.

Acumen Rule Engine

Deploy your business rules into a goal driven rules engine that is often more efficient than a forwarch chaining approach.

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