Installing the Rule Manager

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System Requirements

NOTE: BizTalk 2010 is NOT supported yet. It will require the 4.0 framework.


Installation of the Rule Manager is a graphical storyboard of the installation process.
When you have problems installing the software, please let us know during which step.

Release history

The latest release of the Rule Manager is the 1.5.1.x branch.
See Release History 1.5.1.x for the incremental changes.
The 1.5.1.x release contains all the changes from the 1.5.0.x release.


Software updates for the RuleManager are available at [Help]»[Check for Updates]
The event log will show a message when a new update is available.


If the latest version introduced a new bug, you can restore the application to its previous state.
See the steps here: Rollback application to previous state