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Create Rules Release history Rule Editing
  • Save rules into the BizTalk repository!
  • Exclusive check-out from BizTalk repository
  • Fix BizTalk adapter: skip datarow elements in binding section.
  • Fix BizTalk adapter: change default 'Enable RuleStore Authorization' to false
  • Fix: concept import was renaming property names on export.
  • Add Horizontal scrollbars to list of imported reference assemblies
  • Use '@' for text parsing on literal values;
  • Allow negative numbers in literals (stop expression expansion);
  • Show time in log;
  • Use culture specific NumberDecimalSupport
  • Set focus on previous item when control is deleted.
  • Support culture specific number parsing. (e.g. 1.05 or 1,05 )
  • Fix import assembly import generating duplicate concepts
  • Windows7 64bit support
  • Export rules to Visual Studio 2010 solution
  • Fix: allow create multiple rulesets
  • Fix: click on search result to select item in Interactive Rule Map
  • BizTalk adapter: fix partial vocabulary upgrade was throwing an exception.
  • Localization: Additional German translations
  • new release branch requires the .NET 3.5 framework.

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