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BizTalk Adapter
The BizTalk Adapter integrates with Microsoft BizTalk Rule Repository.

How to install the adapter

Go to the menu [File]»[Options] and select the [Adapters]»[BizTalk] tab.

File Options dialog

This will install the necessary BizTalk files from our server.

Open Policies from RuleStore

Go to the menu [BizTalk Adapter]»[Connection Settings]\ to specify the database server and the database name.
Click Apply

Connection Settings

After successful connection you will see the latest version of all rule policies

Connection Settings

Supported constructions

We support Xml and .NET binding

Vocabulary Management

Go to [BizTalk Adapter]»[View Vocabulary Explorer] to open the vocabulary view

Connection Settings

Rule Editing

We allow Restrictive Rule Editing on BizTalk rules and there is support for Full Rule Editing. We do not support any modifications on the BizTalk vocabulary terms.

In order to edit a BizTalk rule policy you have to perform a Check Out from the RuleStore Repository. See the next section:

RuleStore Repository

The Rule Manager supports the following commands on a BizTalk RuleStore Repository
  • Check Out
  • Check In
  • Undo Check Out

See the details on these commands at BizTalk RuleStore Repository

Export / Import

You can export a BizTalk policy from the Menu [BizTalk Adapter]»[Export to File]. This will export as a .brl file (Microsoft Business Rule Language) and will include all the dependent vocabularies.

You can import a BizTalk policy from the Menu [BizTalk Adapter]»[Import from File]. This will import a .brl file. External .NET assemblies that might be referenced from BizTalk must be located in the GAC (Global Assembly Cache) for a successfull import.

Supported versions

  • BizTalk 2004
  • BizTalk 2006
  • BizTalk 2009

Known issues

  • Creating new rules that references biztalk term constants is throwing an error.
  • Automatic Rule Verification on Biztalk policies does not work.

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