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BizTalk Adapter

BizTalk RuleStore

The Rule Manager supports the following commands on a BizTalk RuleStore:
  • Check Out
  • Check In
  • Undo Check Out

To enable the BizTalk Rulestore commands we have to set authorization on the BizTalk Rulestore. You can set this from the menu [BizTalk Adapter]»[Connection Settings] and select 'Enable Authorization'

Connection Settings

The repository command are available from the BizTalk Adapter view and the Policy Pane

Connection Settings

Once a policy is open in the editor the repository commands are also available in the RuleSet Pane

Connection Settings


The default action on a BizTalk policy is the 'open' command.

Connection Settings

This will view the policy rules in a lock state.

Connection Settings

Check Out

Right click a policy and select 'Check Out'

Connection Settings

Check In

Right click a policy and select 'Check In'

Connection Settings

Undo Check Out

Right click a policy and select 'Undo Check Out'

You will be asked if you want to delete the Policy version you have been working on.

Known Issues / Restrictions / Limitations

  • Meta information on vocabulary terms (Value Range, Constant display Name) are lost during subsequent saves into Microsoft RuleStore.

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